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We offer Music Enrichment Programmes that can be adapted to suit physical classrooms, online learning, or blended learning.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are these music courses for?

We have designed the course materials to be suitable for 9 years and up. Primary and Secondary School students can either learn asynchronously through these videos and materials or face to face in classrooms, with these same programme materials.

I need an enrichment programme to run for a specific number of weeks. Can I request that?

Our programmes are designed to be 8 to 12 hours long in total. We will be able to customise the programmes to suit your school's needs.

How can I enroll my school students in these enrichment courses?

You can email us with your requirements (class size, preferred programme duration, budget etc.) for us to provide you with a suitable quotation.

Are instruments provided?

Students will each need an instrument during the class to learn. If you require rental of instruments during these lessons, you may indicate that when reaching out to us.
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